No Deal

Why are men afriad of strong independent woman?

Unfortunately in Perth, woman outnumber the men.
This is the total opposite of back home where there was 8 guys for every 1 girl.
Oh the choice we used to have!!

I was chatting to a coworker today and she was telling me about her boyfriend. They have been together for a year, and she’s 28. She was telling me how she doesn’t see a future with this guy, and views him as a “fill in guy”.

I guess it’s the whole case of “Mr Right” vs “Mr Right Now”.

Are we that scared of never finding our Mr Right, that we just settle and waste precious years with the wrong person, because it’s convenient and we are lazy?
Is it that we have unintentionally or intentionally limited ourselves as the years have swept on by.

As another candle is added to the equation, another flake of hope evaporates into our nightmare of fear and doubt.
I admit I limit myself.
I ideally want a guy who is a non meat eater, who loves animals, who doesn’t need alcohol to have a good time, who can appreciate my taste in music, who makes me laugh, is tall and handsome (in my eyes), who enjoys sports and the outdoors just as much as watching good dvds and playing card games and board games.

Most importantly I don’t want a boy, I want a man.

Apparently I intimidate guys because I am independent, have my life together and always seem in control. It could be that they see this package and think that there is no room for a male.
That they would have nothing to offer.
They couldn’t be further from the truth.

I can’t wait for the day when an independent man sweeps me off my feet.
Quoting lyrics of a band I adore to seal the deal.
Let’s just hope he is man enough to make the move in the first place.

Hopefully until then, I hope I won’t settle for Mr Right Now – which probably explains my significant length of current singleness.
It’s easy to fall for that cute guy who smiles at you from across the room, and puts an instant bounce in your step.
It’s the journey of holding out for the best suited person, which will hopefully lead to the most overused scenario in all books.

Currently listening to The Get Up Kids and Saves the Day


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