The Outsider

Today I blew off a social gathering. I’m tired of all these couple hangouts. DAMNIT!

Not everyone is married/practically married. Being one of the only single people in this group sucks.. I’m tired of PDA and cooing.


Instead I stayed at home and did some spring cleaning. Filled about 4 big black bags with clothing I don’t want/need. Going to go and give it to the homeless next week. It’s beginning to get really cold here these days. Someone has gotta think about them.


Called mom for Mother’s Day. I know it’s not Mothers day in Qatar, but Greg and I called her just the same. She was shopping, all we could hear was trolleys rattling. Apparently the Qatari men were hectically shopping. I kinda miss that actually.


Today I made a muxtape. It kept me entertained whilst I was room cleaning. I cooked such an unhealthy meal today. Chips, spring rolls, and peas,carrots and corn. Oh well. I was lazy.


School tomorrow… and the Docep Complaint Case Forms to complete and submit. Am I making a big mistake calling up the Real Estate Agency on breaking the law? I’m tired of shit people getting away with things. Also tired of people continually smsing me for pointless things. I HATE sms conversations. Just call me damnit!


Have you ever wondered if there was more to life than this?

I’m not really a hater. Just this week. My wallet got stolen too. Go figure.

Currently listening to The Smiths


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