Crikey… it’s wildlife.

Just got back from 5 days of hiking and camping in Walpole…

It’s so good to be able to go to the toilet, without having to expose your bare backside to the possibility of becoming a tiger snake’s dinner and lunch and breakfast. Speaking of tiger snakes… I came across two. One whilst hiking through mass big bush… and the other… well that’s a tale in itself.

So kiddiwinks are walking and I am in the support vehicle and clearly have to drive a different way where there is some resemblance of tracks…. and not compact thicket and rolling sand dunes… I’m about a kilometer away from the meeting point when a huge kangaroo jumps out at me. I slam on brakes. Sadly it’s in a boggy part. I get extremely bogged. So now I’m alone, at least 50km from civilisation. No reception, and all i can see is bush…. I dig for 3 hours straight… no luck… still can’t get the bloody car out. I’m planted face first in the dirt, lying under the car trying to scrape some of the sand out, when a tiger snake slithers right past my face. I have never been so scared. Actually twice I have… but that’s for a different day. Eventually the group of hikers meet up with me and it takes us 20 min to get the car out… amid calls of :”great driving miss”:… As if I am going to hit an animal..

Camping with seedy work guy was gross. He asked me out last week. I turned him down… and blah… He’s rank as.

I got to see the most amazing beaches… with barrels all day long. I saw so many stars and the milkyway was perfectly clear. I just lay on a rock near Mandalay beach for an hour in the cold evening wind, staring up at the magnificent solar system…

My entire body is aching and groaning and yet it’s happy at having done such good work. 41 kilometres of hiking… My tent leaked last night…. my stuff got wet…. I was so glad we didn’t have to wake up at 4:30 am to start hiking and only got up at 6:30 this morning….

Back to civilisation… can’t wait to have a looooong bath.


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