Planes and all that jazz

So I am currently sitting in Melbourne.
I am not supposed to be here. My plane left last night.
However things happen and it just wasn’t possible to get to the airport in time.

Work isn’t paying me for the day I am missing today – but it does mean I have an extra day to hang with Sam and Rob and Nick.

This weekend has been absolutely amazing.

It entailed attending the following.

Highlights of the weekend.
Miles Away at the Arthouse
Staying at 92. Sam Desu and Teamnice hangs.
Dancing up a storm at Bang with Natalie, Sam, Jade, Ash, Doddsy, Dez, Crowey, Nick and Amy.

Miles Away, Rex Banner, Homewrecker, The Seduction, The Red Shore and Relentless at Sike.
Winning Poker.
Running through the streets of Melbourne in hail and pouring rain.
Meeting some amazing new people.
Mix cds with pop punk and electro pop on it.
Hanging with Canberra Crew.
Waterbottle duels. Sorry Pepper and Paddy. I didn’t realise my own strength.
Good Vegan Food.

I love Melbourne. I really do.
And such good people reside there. I wish some of them would visit me.


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