I love this. I really do.

Nothing beats doing the unexpected with a bunch of friends. It reminds one, what it is to truely live.

I’ve been viewing myself as a victim lately… not in a bad way, but just trying my best to recover from all the germs which have invaded my body and living area. I don’t recommend anyone entering my bedroom if they want to enjoy their health. My plans to spend yet another day lying in bed, watching dvds for the short period of time my eyes aren’t shut closed was cut short by a simple invitation.

A roadtrip and penguins.

I love the ocean. I love roadtrips. I love animals.
Even better, it was a superbly sunny day, which I realised when I eventually set foot out of the house.

So with my ipod set to pop punk, four friends ventured down south, not expecting any special, but looking forward to making the most of the day.

We disregarded the ferry across the ocean to the island, and anxiously and nervously agreed to swim across. The water was numbing at first, however we thoroughly enjoyed the trip there and back.
An excellent way to get fit too.

They should have named the island seagull island, because there were clearly more seagulls than penguins.
On the far side of the island I sighted a nice little surf spot, which I am definitely going to go back to. Having a board will make the trip to the island that much quicker too.

 My camera isn’t waterproof so any island photos are still in the care of Braden. Here’s what eventuated on mine.

Can’t wait to do this again in summer. When the water is actually warm.


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