Home Roots

I got to see Shipwreck A.D. and Carpathian two nights in a row.
I love Carpathian’s new album.
Seeing Shipwreck was something I have been looking forward to for some time.

The lyrics really grab me, and the music always gets me pumped.
Seeing a band you really like on cd or vinyl, for the first time live is always emotional.
This was no exception.

What was even more awesome, was hearing about their trip to South Africa from J.D. Their best show there, was where I grew up. At a skatepark in the underground level of a shopping centre, just 15 minutes from the small town I spent most of my childhood in.

There was never a hardcore scene when I lived there. No one I knew, knew what hardcore was.. and some 8 years later, Shipwreck A.D managed to pull a decent 200 odd crowd. It’s fantastic. I hope more bands make the time and effort to travel there.

I know Perth loses out on lots of tours because we are too far away. Imagine how South Africa feels – especially with the country’s reputation for crime. I lived there, I can tell you the gruesome stories that I/my friends went through. I am glad that some bands take the time and effort into reaching new people.

Currently listening to : Sick of It All


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