My key word for the day.

i) We’re in week three of raising money for our microbank. It seems a lot of kids these days still don’t feel comfortable just donating money. So todayI took a different approach.

Baked a massive heap of choc chop vegan brownies, sold them for a dollar each.
Hello 55 dollar donation to the fund.

ii) Plus all these kids have now fallen in love with in their own words “the best brownies they have ever tasted”.
No longer can they give me crap about vegan food being gross, because they too enjoy it’s tang.

iii)It was the last day for us to spend our departments money. Guess when I got told? 3:30pm.
I had a grand to spend.
Thanks for the forewarning guys…

So off I went to Jackson’s Drawing Supplies. Spent a whole bunch on stuff that we really need and still have some left to buy a decent graphics tablet.

iv) Today I drilled a 1.8×40 nail into my finger. It’s been a while since I have seen so much blood..
And you could tell where I had been from the trail of blood…

ha ha.
It wasn’t my fault, but I was distracted…

I should have been more aware.


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