Will your bloke smoke away your child’s future?

Now by now we should all know about the consequences of drinking and smoking and taking drugs as a pregnant female. I have never been pregnant, and yet it has been instilled into my brain to not undertake these “pleasures” during such a sensitive time.

It is proven to damage the fetus and will cause permanent long term damage to the child.
What you probably didn’t know is the impact that they father can have.

I have learnt this information from having a lengthly discussion with the psychologist at work.
If they father smokes weed or alternatively consumes it (and it is in the system of conception – remember that weed stays in a person’s system a lot longer than alcohol), it will cause irreversible damage in the child.
These include

Learning Disabilities
Mental Disorders
Drug and Alcohol Addiction
And sometimes even physical defects.

Please take note of this information, especially if you are planning on having kids. Let the pot smokers that you know, be aware of this information. This world is a pretty shit place as it is, let’s not have non informative people make it even more difficult for their future children to have to cope.

You should also know that by smoking you are destroying your own braincells (which can never be replaced) as well as improving your chances of getting severe depression and forming learning disabilities yourself. Be smart and look after yourself please. Most of you who read this, I love dearly..

Thanks for reading.


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