The Legacy

Apparently I have one and didn’t even really know it.

When I moved to Qatar, I was gutted. I already was in the State Squad and it was only a small matter of time, before I would get my International colours and be the youngest to do so at Ladies level – in Hockey. There was not one hockey team in Qatar – the sport was pretty much non-existant and for someone who had been playing since they were 6, I couldn’t comprehend just giving it up at that point.

Despite still being in school, I started up some hockey sessions – and used to school astroturf (which they used for soccer). I would coach and organise friendly games as well as play and we had a decent turn out.
The amount of people coming along increased a lot over the years and the sport of hockey in Qatar was created. My little club was Doha Hockey Club. When I left, my father continued my club for me, so that those who were now regulars would not lose out, now that I had left to live in Australia.
Dad got appointed Technical Manager of Hockey for the 2006 Asian Games held here in Qatar, and I was given the shirt of the captain of the winning team from the men’s league (korea) as a gift.

Today, the Doha Hockey Club is the biggest club in Qatar. More clubs have opened and there is an official league. As of this year, Qatar joined the World Hockey Federation and can be included in the International League. They recieve government grants as well as grants from the Olympic committee, my dad has been made National Selector for Qatar, there is a world class astroturf built purely for hockey, with plans for a 6000 seater new stadium, as well as a Hockey Academy to coach kids from a young age.

All because I moved here, and wanted to play hockey. Who says that one person can’t make a difference. Even a small schoolgirl.

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  1. holy crap really did just get goosebumps reading that. that is amazing.

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