Racism and Sexism

Is thriving here in Qatar.

On Fridays, is Family day at all shopping centres. If you are a single man and not of Western Descent, you will not be allowed into a shopping centre. Only familes may enter, or if you are a white male.

This is to stop all the Bangladeshi’s and Indian and Sri Lankans from entering the world reknowned shopping centres. They are referred to as the “Undesirables”

In the more exclusive shopping areas, are permanent security guards with whips who stand by the entries ALL days off the week. If any of these men try to even walk too close to the entry they will be severely whipped.

Public transport is used exclusively by these people. You will not find a local or a westerners daring to use one of the new buses.

If the locals don’t approve of who you are, what you are wearing or where you are, they will spit in your direction.

How amazing that this is still so common in so many countries.

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