The End

Well it’s 11:25pm on the 31st December Qatari Local Time.

All of my best friends are already sleeping/passed out back in Australia after celebrating new years eve.
I’m currently sitting in my parent’s apartment, third floor watching daggy movies by myself in my pajamas.
I cooked my own dinner and am awaiting my parents return – estimating about 12:30 because they don’t really party.

For some reason I decided not to go out tonight. It’s wierd. Last year I was all about celebrating the start of a new year. This year I am very indifferent. It’s just another day right?

So why am I here typing this… and why have so many before me, reflected on the year that was.

We all had high expectations. It was going to be a great year. We should have known that from the way it started, it wasn’t to be.

The great new years party held by Dorcia that everyone we knew was going to, ended prematurely at 1:30am. The building had to be clear by 2.
So my new year started wearing an oversized green nightie borrowed from a friends sister, sleeping next to Bob at Fob’s house, and watching a Hannah Montana marathon.

2008 held for me, many trips and sleep overs out of Perth. I retreated to Margaret River at least three times and caught some excellent waves. Some shows down at Bunbury staying at the infamous Prince of Wales Hotel. Camping in Walpole twice (both times in Winter), whilst I had glandular fever and only to find my tent had a leak in it.

I travelled to Melbourne the most out of anywhere, settling at 4 times – I just can’t seem to get enough of that place and the beautiful people there. Canberra twice, Newcastle twice, Sydney twice, Adelaide once, and Brisbane/Byron Bay/Catherine Hill Bay/Surfers Paradise and Moroochydore once.

Definite Highlights was the Extortion Tour in January with the best show being in Sydney at the Empire. Thrush, White Male Dumbinance, Homewrecker, Jungle Fever, AVO and Extortion. A guy in a wheelchair stage dived for goodness sake during extortion. Close second was the Melbourne Arthouse show of the same Extortion Tour. 731, SJN, Agents of Abhorrence, Jaws (their last show ever), Mindsnare and Extortion playing. This was my one and only time at seeing Mindsnare play at the Arthouse and what a show it was. I remember Rohan being shit scared to play a set after them, but Extortion delivered.

I learnt a lot on that trip. Even more so when I got back. Tall poppy syndrome, how people cannot be trusted, and how promiscuous boys will lie and spread rumours about girls who refuse to step down to their level and sleep with/make out with them.

Other shows which were highlights for me this year was the Blacklisted tour. The only shows I didn’t do on this tour was Queensland – because the people I was travelling with couldn’t afford it. Blacklisted were super nice and put us on the door for all shows, including hardcore AA and 18+ in Sydney. Best memory, was George giving Brooke Listed and I the mic and letting us sing an entire song at their last Australian show – Sydney HC AA.

I got to know some awesome people even more – thank you Brooke and Morgan and Sam. I love you.
And thank you to those who gave me a place to stay – Darren, and Willy and Benny Temper.

Have Heart AA Sideshow at HQ Skatepark was amazing, as was Shipwreck AD at the same venue. Both frontmen have a lot of good things to say, and I got to have some really decent conversations with them both.

How can one ever forget the last Ruiner show. It was held at the Hydey and will always be remembered bitter sweetly. Just before Ruiner played their shortened set of 6 songs(they had to jump on a plane), we all learnt that a good friend of ours had taken his life. The show went on, and I can honestly say that that set was the most passionate and emotional set I have ever been a part of. They put everything in it, as the friend that we the locals had lost, was a friend they had been touring with for the past two weeks.

I’ve learnt a lot of things this year. That life is too short to take things for granted. That I have the most amazing close friends imaginable. That I love my brother more than words can ever explain. That I am finally not afraid of my father. That i should look after myself a lot more, and make sure I am well – before bending over backwards for others. That people are fickle and the world is filled with flaws. That I will never be perfect – but it won’t stop me from continually trying to work on my weaknesses. That I am extremely sappy and mushy when it comes to puppies, and animals.

I have been through so much and continue to do so. I still have the whole immigration thing over my head and the uncertainty of knowing where I will be living tomorrow or the next day. I am still mourning the terrible deaths of 3 who were close who left this world before their time was truely up. Some stresses of this year have been cleared up in the last few weeks which will certainly make a huge difference, and I have medical results proving that my ill health of 2008 was due to having Glandular Fever, and not because of my dietary choice to live a Cruelty Free Life. I’ve stayed true to my beliefs and have no regrets. You won’t find any one night stands from this girl. I try to see the good in people, I try to love them for who they are.

I’m older, and wiser, slightly more jaded but a lot more stronger.
There are still so many things that I have to look forward to in my life, and I can’t wait for them, and to share them with someone special.

I refuse to make new years resolutions because I believe we should be continually improving ourselves, rather than only thinking about it, one measly day of the year (although it got Mom to quit smoking last year and I am ever so grateful – it’s been exactly one year now – smoke free 🙂

It is now 12:20am Qatari Local Time.
The new year has begun and I don’t know about you but I’m hoping for one full of adventure, happy memories, one of achievements, building relationships and living life to the fullest.

Thank you for reading – I bid you Adieu.


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