Leaving Qatar is definitely like this. It’s not something you can really explain, but being over there, is like living on a completely different planet. It is completely different to anything you would have experienced/grown up with.

You expect one thing, and the complete opposite happens. I feel so lucky that I got to go back “home” after such a long time, and to see my folks at their place and some of my old american friends. It sucks so much that we hang so much in the Middle East, but have no idea when we will ever see them again. Greg and I are planning to make it over there soon.. but at the same time – they are spread all over the country. I feel like now I am missing a part of me.

I got to play bass live twice whilst I was over there, and sing once.. something I haven’t done that often lately – and amazed even myself with my vocal range – which I have avoided exploring pre-singing lessons.

I am lacking in photographs as a ~clever~friend of mine doused me with the equivilent of two buckets of sand when we were out in the desert, destroying my camera. Going to try and use my charm to get a good deal tomorrow at JB.

I actually got to relax. I know… how wierd. My life in Australia is always so busy so it was so good to just do nothing.

Here’s to being back in Australia.


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