Hurray for Airports

Dubai is way too huge.

So our flight from Doha was supposed to land half an hour before boarding for our flight out of Dubai and directly to Perth. How did I know we would get delayed.

Apparently Emirates have a tendency of bumping passengers from Doha off the Perth flight because they claim “the people wouldn’t make the flight”, even if the previous one arrives ahead of schedule – so Greg and I were well aware of the time constraints.

We arrived exactly 10 minutes before boarding commenced. No biggie we thought. However the gate we landed at was at the direct opposite side of the airport to the gate we needed to be at.

Dubai has built the world’s largest airport, which is the size of 19,200 football pitches or the equivalent of Chicago and London Heathrow airports combined

So we grabbed our hand luggage and started our adventure. We ran up 4 flights of stairs (avoided the escaltors as they were too slow and too clogged) and sprinted the entire way. We had stitch, I had a full bladder, but all of this didn’t matter too much (although it did make it so much harder to do). There was weaving, and panting, and lots of sweat, and many “excuse me’s”. We arrived with one minute to spare – how we did this – I do not know. Gasping for air and wanting to die.

Boarded the plane, and then had to sit there for an hour because of technical difficulties. Just what one needs before embarking on an 11 hour flight. However we made it home in one piece, and was welcomed by the amazing weather.


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