Small World

Took a few days to coach to Canberra and spend some time with some good friends. I got a phone call off a mate in Adelaide asking about the IA show and I was telling him about my night and where we stayed etc.. and the guy in front of me in the coach overheard me say 50 Lions.

Looking at this guy you’d never think he was into hardcore. I like being surprised like that. Turns out he had caught a coach up to Sydney for the IA show, which I had driven from Melbourne for.

Also turned out, this guy was the IA tour manager in Japan last time they toured there. Crazy hey? We chatted about bands and tours and then he slept and I watched a movie on my ipod and probably dropped off afterwards too.

Stayed at the Vegan House in Canberra – many good times, got woken up by two kittens and a puppy every morning which was cute – but sometimes too early. Like 4am too early.

Caught a coach back up to Sydney, went to the beach – buried a very tall friend, caught some waves, got badly burnt just in time to fly to Melbourne.


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