This was full of drama’s, sing alongs, dance fests, amazing food, youtubes, wii fit and more.

I got to stay at 92 once again – i love staying there.. Sam, Liz, Nick you’re all champs.
My trip coincided with some of my favourite girls from Perth (pretty much my netball team) so I got the added bonus of hanging with Melbourne and Perth Friends.

The more I go to Melbourne, the more I hate Next and Bang. UGH.
I’d much rather go for a nice evening bike ride lit by the street lights, than be surrounded by gross drunken strangers who I wouldn’t want to give the time of day to.

It was however good to dance with some good people.

Natalie organised the first of what we hope to be many LADIES NIGHTS. It was very pleasant, I met some new people and we conspired to kick men out of hardcore.. ha ha. just kidding… but a lot of you boys would love to know what we did talk about.

I met some really awesome new people, and got to know some older friends even better. I checked out some new veg eateries that I hadn’t been to before. Veggie Bar I love you.

Had some stupid nightmares, got to share a bed with a hot blonde girl pretty much the whole time, watched Bon Iver, went to Pepper’s house show, did a modelling shoot, went to a conference, ate way too many nuggets from LOTF in one single sitting (30), and discovered Sunkist Cherry Limeade. Amazing.

Word of warning, never go to the Vic Markets in 41 degree heat. It is awful.

Hope to travel back soon 🙂


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