Kindness pays off

So more and more drama seemed to happen this week at work.
One of them was a rooming disagreement.

Now.. I have my own classroom. It’s mine because it’s a flash computer lab with all macs which I need for CAD. It also has cupboards filled with all of my technical drawing equipment in it, that is very difficult and annoying to move.

I love my classroom, and because I teach 9 through to 12 in the same subject and am the only one that teaches it, I pretty much don’t have other teachers coming into my room, despite them all wanting to get their mits on my lab.

So the dillemma, the digital productions teacher got allocated the PC lab for his year 10’s but wants my room.
So we had to have two meetings, both with our Head of Department to mediate.

He says his demands are greater because his is a year ten class, and mine is only a year nine. 
Fair enough, we both needed these computers, and the PC lab won’t work for either…however my equipment is in the Mac lab… so what do we do..
He wasn’t going to budge and was being very annoying. I thought I’d be the bigger person and compromise. My HOD saw what I was doing for the good of the departments/peace in the office, and said that I can finally upcrade to AUTOCAD – Industry Standar – Costs a small fortune, but I am stoked.

So everyone is happy, my kids just have to cart the equipment to and from the classrooms twice a week.

THEN four hours later, the news comes in that K.Rudd’s promise to school are being fulfilled, and he has signed off 157 brand new computers to our school.

Top of the range Macs (even newer and better than the one’s in my now exchanged classroom), and guess who gets them?

Literally 5 minutes later, the classroom stealer was at my desk, asking to swop back – so he could have the better computers. My HOD just laughed at him and said “You’re dreaming mate”.

So, moral of the story, compromise once in a while, be the better person – because good things come to people who are good.


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