Organised selfishness

There is an entity which I have not had a fondness for, since I was stabbed in the back by them when I suffered a spinal cord injury. Those of you who know my past, know of the seriousness of the incident, and who were at fault and turned their back on me.

I have never been able to fully trust or love this organisation since.
A shame really, when I had invested a lot of time and energy into it.

About a month ago, they broke their word to me about something that is very important to me, and some other people who deal with this entity. Despite no assisstance, we have continued with our original plan and are so far successful in our completion of everything.

Today however I found out some distressing news, that fills me up with actual hatred.
I can’t go into any detail as the situation is very hush hush and sensitive, but their value on human life other than themselves is non existant.

I see no compassion, no love and no insight to consequences being displayed by people who should know better.

Who are you to deprive people from improving their quality of life?
Who are you to say who is, and isn’t eligible?
Who are you to seperate someone from their much needed support network?

I pray that everything works out for the best, but if it doesn’t, it will be on your head, and I will bring this matter to the authorities. I will make sure that the world knows what you have done.

Those inconsiderate, demeaning and horrible things.
You have hurt my friend, and I have the potential to hurt back.

I am a woman of my word.


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