So, one of my personal goals for the hockey season this year was to not get injured. 3rd game in, and I lost.

I pop my shoulder out, with damage to my acromioclavicular joint. Not fun.
I also managed to strain a few neck muscles, namely the top three, located on the left hand side of the drawing.

Not only that, I tore my posterior cruciate ligament in my left knee. Luckily I don’t require surgery.
Not bad for one match’s worth of injuries.

I am now doomed to physio three times a week, and my poor bank account is not enjoying it – It’s equally 200 bucks a week.

Hopefully I will have recovered in time for State Youth Games which is coming up soon on the long weekend.
Here’s holding thumbs.

Crutches are still crap, and I am still terrible on them.


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