From the work desk

5 Items that your average teacher probably doesn’t have on their work desk, that have found their home on mine.

#1 Nipple Ball – Mine is purple in colour

#2 Rusted Dropsaw Blade (it is displayed on my shelf)

The maintenance guys presented it to me, after I broke the school’s drop saw whilst in the process of nearly losing two fingers. Lets just say, it was a mechanical error (not human error) and it was a messy affair.

The Blade of Doom

The Blade of Doom

# 3 Juice and Food Stash

Mine includes peanut utter, ghost pops, Rose’s Lime Marmalade, Fruit Chutney Nik Naks, Flavoured Pappadums and banana cordial

#4 Spray Paint Cans

Lots of them 🙂

#5 Modified and deranged stuffed toys (All confiscated of course)

Everything from teddy bears with public hair to guinea pigs with claws.


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