I’ve been here before.

Ever since I stepped foot into the country of Australia, some few years ago, my time here has been plagued by trouble and trials from the immigration department.

Never safe in the knowledge that I can live a happy life here, I have continually had the worry, that I could be deported if they suddenly decide that they don’t want me here anymore.

A resident of no country in the world, my future is still very open, and I have been trying to make Australia my home for years now, and yet I keep getting messed around.

I applied for my permanent residency some two and a half years ago. To this day, I am still waiting a result from them.
Am I good enough? Do I need to leave? Questions that have plagued my mind, and been pushed to the back of it, so that I can not be permanently stressed out.

Last year, I was up to date with everything. Paperwork,  payments etc. I was playing the waiting game.

In January this year, I get told I have to take an IELTS test, assessing my ability in English. Seriously?
Both my parents are British.

So I had to fork out 300 dollars, and book myself in for the next available test (which was in May). A waiting period of 5 months. I do the test, submit my results and pass with flying colours. Surprise surprise.
~They totally didn’t waste my time and money here. ~

Then the bombshell hits. They tell me that I have to redo my police clearance check and my medical. This is another 400 dollars. Why? Apparently my results have expired. If Immigration had processed my application in the amount of time, that they should have, my results would not have expired. This isn’t my fault. This is theres.

So in I have to book x rays, and blood tests and physicals. UGH. The paperwork is once again huge.

THEN i find out, they want me to invest $100 000 into a government fund for a year, with only 2% interest income.
I called them up and asked them, what happens if I don’t have access to this amount of money. I mean, who has 100 grand sitting around ready to be used especially a young single female.

They tell me my options are the following.
A) Pay the 100 grand.
b) Reapply, but I will lose my application fee, and have to repay it, which is $3000.
Whether I pick option A or B, I still have to fork out 400 bucks for the medical and clearance.

So pretty much, the Australian Immigration department just wants my money.
Thank goodness my parents are amazing and will be wiring me 100 grand to finalise my application.

I’m off to get my blood tests done, and my x rays this afternoon. I just need to hunt down my passport.
I can’t remember where I put it, when I got home from Singapore.

My mugshot for my Qatari Police Clearance 2007

My mugshot for my Qatari Police Clearance 2007


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