Why Swine Flu Why?

So we just got an email from the Department of Health with the following points.

Effective immediately, school closure is not advised in response to reports of one or more suspected or confirmed cases of novel influenza A (H1N1) in a school setting, and
The previous advice to voluntarily exclude for a period of 7 days, students and staff who have travelled to affected countries or Victoria, is also no longer appropriate.

No! That is not acceptable. I now lose my extra 1 week of holidays (aka Quarantine) which coincided with my best friend from Chicago coming to stay, and instead I not only have to go to work, BUT go to a boring PD all day workshop with the Board of Education. They want me to help coordinate and run it. UGH!

So not keen. So off the Department of Health right now.
In other news, will be applying for Medicare this week!


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