The Difference between us and them.

Let me tell you a story about a recent event that has happened to some friends of mine.

The location is Doha, Qatar – situated just north of Saudi Arabia, and a half hour flight west over some water from Dubai.
Like most of it’s surrounding countries, the predominant religion is Islam, and they follow the Shariah Law there.

These friend happen to run their own church. They found a massive house with another building attached, with sufficient rooms and a huge courtyard. There are even stables at this house. Every Friday, Christians from all over Doha gather at this church. Many of my friends attend here.

One day, not long ago, a Muslim man who was an aquaintance of one of the churche’s attenders fell violently ill. There was a very good chance that he was going to die, and this man was not ready for it. In a leap of faith, he asked his Christian friends to prayer for him, and that they did.

Not long after, he made a miraculous recovery and was perfectly well. He was so thankful for his friends, and for God and was a changed man. He wanted to learn more about this God who had healed him, and asked if he could go with his Christian friends to the next Friday morning service. So off he went with the address and times in his hands.

That Friday morning, just as the church service was about to begin, a whole bunch of police officials arrive at the church, with bank statements and arrest warrants. Apparently it is a criminal offence to convert a Muslim, punishable by death according to Shariah Law.

About 12 people (my friends) were arrested with uncertainty about what future lay ahead for them, and whether or not it would be short lived. They were finally released, however they will not be able to continue living there, and must now consider other options.

This is one of the reasons, why we have seen such a widespread increase in numbers of people following Islam.
Making use of our democratic law, they have the freedom to believe and follow whichever God they please, and they are allowed to build places of worship. Due to the oil industry, Islamic countries are the richest in the world, and they use these funds to build mosques all over the world, spreading the reign of their religion.

However, if one who lives in one of these Islamic countries, wishes to follow a religion other than Islam, they can and will be prosecuted. They are not allowed to buy land to build places of worship (eg churches and temples). According to the law of the country, it is prohibited to talk of your religion to others.

Hardly fair now is it?


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