All things unlucky.

It’s not like I am clumsy.
I am actually pretty coordinated. I’m good with my hands, and playing sports etc.

Bad and unlucky things just seem to happen to me. I think the fact that I have broken 15 bones so far is great proof of that.

Take last night for instance.

It was a simple activity. I needed to get a brand new cable out of it’s packaging. So I grabbed the scissors, and proceeded to start cutting the clear plastic that it came in (think the same kind of packaging for batteries).

The scissors decide to snap on me (how does that even happen), and the result is me cutting my finger open. The entire handle of the scissors snapped in half.

Seth’s comment was “Oh no, how are you going to play for the Wasps tomorrow night? We’re all coming to watch”

With my finger bandaged up, and my broken toe, and my recovering knee. That’s how!


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