It’s been a while.

Some might have thought that I merely forgot to update this blog, but to be honest, I haven’t really been in the right state of mind.

My winter holiday was supposed to be fantastic. I had been looking forward to it, for as long as I can remember this year. I was to fly to Sydney for hardcore and stay with some of my amazing friends from Canberra and catch up with everyone else. From then, I was to fly to Melbourne, stay with a friend for the night before catching a bus up to Mount Hotham where I would be snowboarding for a week for work. AMAZING.

Life can be really cruel sometimes.

I arrived in Sydney on Thursday night- It should have been earlier, but a late friend picking me up ensured that I missed my flight. I had been tattooed on my back the day before, and on my new flight I had an irritable Italian child kicking my chair the entire flight which hurt a damn lot.

By Saturday morning, myself, Morgan and Amy had all woken up seriously ill. We were perfectly fine on Friday night, but Saturday morning, we all felt like we were dying, and were considering not even going to hc AA.

The show was such a waste as I couldn’t enjoy myself, and was on so much medication, cough syrup etc which I had smuggled in. Morgan and Amy weren’t so lucky.

By Saturday night my fever was unbearable, and I stupidly went out to hang with some good crew. I couldn’t last long, and after Brookelisted got her night time pie, we headed back to our 6 bed room, which now had 16 people sleeping in it.

Sunday saw me almost having a breakdown at the airport as I was so sick, and didn’t want to fly, but had nowhere to go, and I didn’t know whether to go to Melbourne like planned or fly back to Perth.

Mikeh convinced me to come to Melb, so on I boarded. Sunday night I stayed at a friends and he was so good to me, but by now my fever was even worse.

My bus left at 8 in the morning, and I decided to miss it (even though it cost me 150 dollars).
That day I ventured into the city to find a doctor, only to find out I have swine flu.

Melbourne doctors (well the one I went to) are terrible. She merely said, drink lots of water and take painkillers.

Not cool Jan!

I asked her if I could fly back home, she said – yeah it’s fine, swine flu is so common now etc etc..

I booked a flight and arrived home at 1am the next morning.
Saw my doctor that day, they were appalled that for the following reasons.

a) I was allowed to fly
b) Wa let me in (luckily they didn’t know), as I was only case number 465 in Wa.
c) The idiot Victoria doctor had given me nothing to take.

I got loaded with a whole heap of antibiotics and antiflams. Since more than 48 hours had passed, I was denied Tamiflu.

Meanwhile Amy and Morgan had also been diagnosed, along with some other (mostly all from our room), but they managed to get the flu shot. Jealous. They got better a lot better than me.

So now my Sydney trip was ruined, my Melbourne trip was ruined, and I am sick at home in isolation.


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