Swine Flu

To those who think it’s just the flu, I urge you to get your facts straight.

I have not felt this ill ever I don’t think.
I had a massive fever for 6 days straight. I was unable to eat anything other than 4 glucose jellybeans a day for 2 weeks. I could not talk for about two weeks.
I had a terrible coughing fit every few minutes. So bad I thought I’d stop breathing. It’s nearly a month and a half later and I still have that cough, although it’s nowhere near as bad now.
Muscle spasms so I couldn’t walk.
Being nauseated, so living with the fear I might throw up at any given moment.
Getting cold chills and feeling like ice.
Running mucous.
This lasted 3 long weeks where I wasn’t allowed to see people. There goes my entire holiday time, and most of my sick leave for the year.

Having to wear a mask whenever I need to leave my room for anything was also a hassle.
Not having human contact when all you want is company was hell.

I then contracted a bronchial infection and milk pneumonia from having swine flu. More time off. More illness.

More than a month later, I am still ill with the infection, and now I can’t breathe, still have the cough and I have a pain in my chest whenever I inhale. My shoulder is also playing up.

More doctor visits, more tests.

So now I have asthma for the first time in my life and have to use an inhaler twice a day. Something I have never had to do before. Thanks swine flu. The ultrasound revealed I have bursitis in my shoulder (which is essentially a blister on my bone) which restricts my movement and hurts whenever i lift my arm.
The chest x ray was supposed to reveal what was wrong with my lungs causing the pain (which is apparently quite serious), however it appears that my lungs are fine.

Doctor tomorrow will hopefully cast some light on what it could be now.

So thank you swine flu, you’ve pretty much wrecked two months of my life so far this year.
Added together with the Glandular fever I had at the beginning of the year, and the torn knee ligament that saw me on crutches, I can quite happily say, my body hates 2009.


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