Winds of Change..

There’s something about growing up, and changing that I can never put my finger on.
I know we’re all going to do it, and I know that as we are all different vessels, our change will be significantly different and I also realise the sociological impacts will vary as will our speed at which we travel through this process.


It’s so strange looking back, and looking at others and as bad as it sounds comparing those younger, to a younger memory of ourselves.
Circumstances are different, yes, but in some cases this is hardly a plausible excuse.

After having dinner with a friend I rarely get to see, who is quite similar to me in experience and viewpoints, it became clear that my thoughts and views of what is happening around me, is not me being cyncial or being unfair to judge.

It’s actually happening, and the world is letting it.

So much selfishness, and self destruction. So much jealously and hate. So much bitchiness and deceipt and gossip.
Thank you very much twenteenagers – I ~really appreciate~ what you’ve done with the place.

Can’t we have the good old days back?


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