Just part of the job..

The perks of being a teacher is you get to be young again. Well sometimes, when you’re not nagging or scolding or marking or counseling or… (this list is endless)

Recently we had our Senior School Sports Carnival, and being a year 11 home room teacher, i got to do each and every event(sometimes more than once) with the students all day. Safe to say, I was battling to walk for the next few days.

Things I did that day (Stupidly of course, as I was inappropriately dressed, and still had mild pneumonia)
Javelin (decent)
Shotput (good)
Long Jump (sucked)
Tug Of War (sucked)
400m (i did this twice UGH)
100m (also did this twice)
lederball (good)

And here is some photographic evidence. BTW our team colour was purple in case you were wondering.






My Amazing Class

My Amazing Class


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