Scary at Work

So it was normal day at work, except it wasn’t because I had to stay late.
Basically I had all this last minute work to do before Moderation at the Curriculum Council the next day.

It was about 6:50, and I was alone in the staff room with no keys and no phone, photocopying way too many assignments.

Suddenly all the lights go off, the alarm is activated and everything is locked.
I’m alone with no communication, no lights and I know that if I move I’ll set off this high pitched alarm.

I can totally understand why everyone in Buffy would have been spooked at the school late at night.
I decided to move and set the alarm off, and luckily there was one other person left in the whole school.

A lovely little old lady Cormy, who came running from another building to disarm the alarm and free me from my scary situation.

I then went to grab my keys, my phone, turned on the lights and headed back to do more photocopying for another hour.

The car park was also scary.


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