It’s that time again, when females around the world moan their groans and watch their usually pretty well kept male counterparts attempt to grow what is supposed to be facial hair.

For some men, this is easy, as displayed by my lovely friend Morgan.

For some, it’s near impossible to convert that “bum fluff” into something worthy to show in public, especially in front of their male mates with more testosterone than themselves.

For others, my brother included in this group – it transforms them from a respectable member of society into a being who should appear on a wanted poster.

The cause is a good one, and more people should jump on board. A few friends officially joined the camaign last year and raised a fair bit of money for the prevention and awareness of prostate cancer through the official website.

One person I know, has signed up to grow facial hair for this very cause, and it would be amazing if you donated to his fund raising attempts. You can pay via credit card or paypal here and help out Luke, and males all over the world who suffer from this terrible illness.
For more information about Luke, you can view his website here, it’s a really good read 🙂

Make mo mark!


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