The Crew

One of the nights we ventured out to the local pub where they have a beer garden and dance floor.
We took the opportunity to dress up, the one and only time of our trip, however no hairdryers or hair straighteners to be found. This is all natural baby.


From Left - Princess Danger, Amazon, Dodge, Walkabout, Pocket



Trying to be Asian


My paparazzi photo. Ew, this guy was dancing in socks n crocs!

On the way to the pub, we grabbed some sneaky roadies, and spotted a couple of roos along the way.



That night, Shaz and I raised 220 bucks just from asking every single person in the bar for some spare change. It was going good until we hit the corner table which was filled with some aboriginals. They were all nice except for the one, which took a creepy liking to me. He started rubbing my stomach, and told me to name my child Stevie, after him. He wanted to know how soon I was due.

I have a flat stomach. Ah.

At the pub before we raised 600 bucks.
A very successful night girls.


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