Birthday/Housewarming/World Vegan Day

I took the opportunity to invite my close friends to spend the afternoon with my brother and I in our new house.

I love the fact that in order to get to the city we have to cross two different rivers, drive past a massive lake in a regional park, and slowly drive past a tortoise crossing.

I also love the fact that right outside my front door is a park.

I baked up a feast and we had an afternoon tea/bbq.
Everything I provided was vegan and mostly gluten free. Did not know how many people to expect but there was plenty for everyone.

This was just the counter in the kitchen, that I had prepared.


Stuffed Olives, Strawberry Cupcakes, Vanilla Cupcakes, Choc Chip Brownies, Sundried Tomato-Spinach and Cheese Muffins, Gourmet Salad, Corn Chips and Salsa, Garden Salad, Tiny Pastries and More

For some, it was there first experience with Vegan food. I’m happy to say they were impressed, and are keen to borrow some recipe books. Hurrah!

I hope you all enjoyed and celebrated Vegan Day in your own special way.


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