Out with the old, in with the new.

My body must have missed that memo.

My personal social network page is flooded with notifications about how grand and fabulous the new year is.
How everything is going right, and that it’s a brilliant start to what is looking to be a promising year.

How very wrong that is for me.

2007 I thought had been a bad year.
2008 I barely survived. My health suffered greatly, and at one stage I thought I might not even make it.

Here I’m thinking.. 2009 – it can only get better right?

So here I am on day 5 of this new year. I’ve left the house once. That is all I have had the energy for.
I’m still reliant on painkillers issued by my surgeon.
I’m still battling the remnants of that “undiagnosable illness” so severe, I had to see numerous surgeons.

I’m still in pain, slowly losing motivation that life for me will ever be good.

When do I get a break?

If karma existed, I should be rolling in good fortune, instead of writhing in bed.

I guess only time will tell, I’m hoping to be ok to leave the house on Wednesday.
I’ll be very disappointed if I don’t.

I’ve actually got something to look forward to.
Two things actually.

No, make that three.

Any guesses?


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