Dissection of the Queen Bee

This week, has been my first week back at work, and we’ve been sitting in lots of seminars this week, many of them not maintaining any attention from me whatsoever.

One however started off pretty boring, and I proceeded to write programs and booklets whilst it was being run, however something near the midpoint (an hour into it) caught my attention.

We were asked to dissect the Queen Bee. Look at all the popular girls in the school, and list the common characteristics.

This is her profile.

Blonde (usually fake)
Long hair
Average academic ability
Extroverted and loud
Breaks the school rules
Heavy make up
Drinks heavily on the weekend

Interesting how superficial how some of the girls still are.

Whilst looking at the boys, the popular ones possess the following.
Six pack
Has excellent rapport with the “cool” teachers

I’d much rather be a boy in our school than a girl just based on the above formulas for successful inclusion.


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