So many people who are very dear to me, work in hospitals.

My brother, my best friend, a good friend and a special friend.

There’s a radiographer, a nurse, a male nurse and a doctor.

Can you imagine how many gross hospital stories I get to hear on a weekly basis?
Did I mention I get easily grossed out by such stories. ha ha
(my friends, they either forget or do it on purpose)

They are all so passionate about what they do, and get excited telling me about them all, that despite being grossed, I love hearing what they have to say.

Call me weird. or. Don’t call me at all.

One of them, a good friend who is the male nurse, even documents his adventures in video format. Here is a taster.

ps. He is very charismatic 🙂

Meet Joel.

If you’re reading this man, ALIAS marathon ASAP please!


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