All work and some play

So I have a bit of a reputation in my building for work pranks.
One in particular is rick rolling certain students.
Well it just so happens one of these students graduated last year and has been working in IT this year in our building.


Today was Godfrey’s last day, and he was doing his hardest to avoid my rr attempts.
However I was better than him, and outsmarted him, and he had to endure a video of his head floating around his screen to the tune of Rick Astley.

So Godfrey tried to get revenge.
He attempted to hack my computer, so I closed the lid.
He tried coming into my class. I made him leave.
I then knew something was up, so I exited my class, and started gathering my things in my office for home time.
He was gutted, he’d finally figured out how to rick roll my class. My class having 32 computers in it.

So in I went with my phone, and this is what we saw.

Godfrey’s the kid with glasses cacking himself.
There was so much noise coming from my class, that two other teachers came to investigate. a south american who’s never heard of rick roll, and a friendly giant.


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