Climbing to reach that ceiling.

So yesterday I got given an opportunity at work, where I have increased responsibility, which will lead to further advancements in my career.

I was so stoked, that I have been considered and entrusted with this new responsibility and am looking forward to additional things which they will be throwing my way, because this will help me reach my career ambitions.

I’m in charge of organising the year 10 camp.

How good is that?
The deadline they gave me yesterday was short. I have two weeks.
At 7am this morning, I was informed, because venues are getting booked out quickly, I had until lunch time today to finalise the camp. That was an hour ago, and I had classes non stop today.

Believe it or not, I succeeded (still don’t know how?) and things are looking good.
I just have to complete all the risk management stuff (pages and pages of it), and start allocating staff, preparing schedules etc etc.. but now that things are booked, it’s just mountains of legal paperwork to complete.

Hope the kids are going to love what I’ve prepared for them 🙂

Actually stoked.. Plus, I’ll get the water activity as I will be the only one with bronze medallion and aquatic rescue qualifications.

Hello summer 🙂


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