So last year Break Even were luckily enough to be offered the Asian leg of the Have Heart Tour, as well as the Australian leg.

So off we headed, ASIA!
As you you probably already know, this was Have Heart’s last overseas tour, before breaking up.
They played in KL and in Singapore.
KL was an overnighter trip, so we were based in Singapore and stayed at the notorious VM’s house. Hi VM!
So there was BE, Hartley, myself, Stefan’s gf and another girl all crammed into Vm’s apartment.
Good times.

The weather was fantastic, the food cheap – the boys loved the fact that street drinking was legal, and we had a sweet time with the HH boys.

The funniest thing was not Stefan getting busted naked, mounting a concrete dolphin at a swimming pool by security guards, when the pool had been closed for the night, but how all the locals thought that Hartley was Nick from Miles Away.

The whole time we played it up. Called him Nick, mentioned MA as much as we could.
The locals frothed.

We took advantage.
Here’s a clip showing just how far we all took it.


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