The Day of the Waves of Sound

I had decided a few days prior I would not be attending Soundwave for the first time.
Most of the bands I wanted to see, I had already.
It was expensive.
It was an all ages festival.
It was going to be 40 degrees.
There would be minimal shade.
Lack of vegan food, and Sydney had run out of water after 2 hours of theirs in an 11 hour day.

The day arrived, and I was still suffering from heat stroke. I slept in.
I was happily spending the day at home, with my puppy, hydrating and enjoying the air con when I smelt smoke.
As seen from my balconey

Huge fire near my house.

Now my house is surrounded mostly by bushes, so the fact that there was a fire, was very scary.It was at this moment that I get a phone call from Lara aka Pink’s No1 Fan aka Stalker.
She wants me to go hang at Scarbourgh beach. I start protesting, and her phone dies.
A few minutes later, she’s calling me on a phone box because her mob battery died, as recommends I leave the house and bring my puppy Benny with, esp if there’s a fire.
It makes sense.
I tell her I’ll be half an hour, and she told me where to meet her.

So I pack Benny into the back of my old car only to find a dead battery. I jump start the car, drive it round the block. Turn it off, and try and start it. DEAD.
I jumpstart my car again, I have zero fuel, so my brother follows me 6km down the road to a servo, so he can jumpstart me, once I’ve gotten fuel. He does, and it’s embaressing.
So now I’m finally on my way and severely late, but I can’t call because Lara has no phone.
I’m nearing scarbs beach, when my car dies. I was in a turning lane, and the beefy guy in the 4wd behind me is stuck. He gets out, and helps push my car to the servo on the corner.
I grab my things, Benny, and start walking to meet Lara. There’s nothing I can really do for my car right now.

This is when Matt calls me.
Matt’s a lovely dude I know from surfing, and lives near Scarbs. Lara thinks he’s really hot.
I do too. ha ha.
Apparently he’d bumped into Lara and he’d filled her in on my car trouble from the weekend (as he was in gero on the same surfing trip). Lara filled him in, on the fact that I should have been there to meet her in 30 minutes, and an hour and a half later, I still wasn’t there.

He calls from his home to see how I am. I fill him in, and he says he’ll come help out when I’m ready to leave.

So I find Lara, and her mission for the night is Hayley Williams.
Apparently Lara had followed them from Soundwave in Bassendean all the way to Scarbs to their hotel.
Stalker much? Yes…

So now she’s waiting. She had called me, because she didn’t want to seem like a loser, by herself stalking.

She spots them going for dinner. Alas, she cannot follow with me, as I have Benny the dog.
We hang, and walk, and talk and get ice cream.

Long Story short, a few hours later, we met Sevendust, and Hayley and Paramore were walking with them, and as soon as they SD started talking to us and madly patting Benny, HW and PM head back into their hotel.

Lara is gutted.

I call Matt.
We jumpstart my car, and it’s agreed he’ll follow me home incase I break down (even though I live 40 minutes away from him).
I break down 3 minutes later.
We get my car to his house.
Here’s where he becomes my angel.
He lends me his car for the whole week, so I can get home, go to work, make my physio appointment and get medicare.
Babe much?

Meanwhile he has to catch a 40 minute train twice a day and skateboard to and from the train station for about 20 minutes on top of that for the whole week.

Truly an angel.
So I only own two cars, and now they are both broken, nowhere near my house.


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