Damn the Man

So here is my dilemma. As if all of my drama from the past two weeks, hasn’t been enough.

The dealer (which is the only one allowed to repair my car in Geraldton), which has my car for repairs is wanting to charge me $2200 dollars to put in a new clutch.

Despite my car being only 7 months old, with low mileage and always been well treated, they are trying to claim that it won’t be covered by warranty.

They say that a clutch is like a tyre, it wears out, it doesn’t just break.
So in order for my clutch to have burnt out prematurely like it has, it has to be through human error (ie my fault) and therefore I have to pay.

I’ve never damaged a clutch before. I’m a good, safe driver.
The clutch (if it was a good quality one) should still be perfectly fine.

So now I have the national Subaru company involved, and we’re all arguing over who pays what and why.
Meanwhile my car is sitting 6 hours north in a country town, not being repaired, and I’m struggling to get around – get to work, get to physio etc etc…
I’m currently driving the 2nd of two cars I have borrowed from friends, but I have to return this one to it’s owner tomorrow.

Give me a break world!

Sounds good, if they actually honour it...


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