Absolute Amazingness..

I have my car back.

It took a lot of stressing, a lot of complaints, a lot of following leads and calling a multitude of people and a lot of prayers.

So they wanted me to pay 2200 for a new clutch on a new car.
I managed to get Subaru Aus to foot the bill for the parts, and only had to pay for labour, which was a smart 700.
Much more affordable, especially after I spent 700 bucks on new spectacles last week.

It’s been an extremely expensive week for my bank account.

I took Friday off work so I could catch a bus up to Geraldton to retrieve it, and then found out that Shane was coming down to Perth from there, so not only did I have the day off, but I had m car delivered to me.

So instead I hung with Winston, got my F Class Licence and hung with Corina and got a massage. A good ending to a terrible two week ordeal.

No more borrowing cars to get to work!

Corina and Matt, if you ever read this – thank you so much for your cars.. I would have been fired otherwise.


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