Warm Fuzzy Feelings…

It’s good to come to realize the type of positive image that others think about you.
Today I had worried students come and hunt me down as there was an emergency that apparently only I could help with.

Curious and flattered and followed them to find a crow with it’s leg stuck in a tree. It was unable to fly away and was struggling the whole time. Apparently it had been there since yesterday.

The students sought me out as they view me as the compassionate and animal loving teacher.
So I had a mission to complete.

That's a 12 foot ladder

The wildlife ranger would not come to the school, as it was too costly for a bird’s life – even though the crow is a protected species.

So now there were to options. Get it out ourselves, or to call the fire department and hope that they would assist despite the costs and time involved.

We opted for Plan A, and I enlisted the help of the two amazing Maintenence guys who work at Carey (as they are a lot taller than me, ha ha).

We grabbed a ladder, got a saw, cut away at the base of the branch as far as we could reach.
used some rope and some lasso style swinging to nab and loosen and weaken the branch.
We slowly let it fall, whilst grabbing a hold on the branch, before lowering it down with the bird still attached.

It was then walked down the ladder, where we could free the little guy.
Mission accomplished.

Thank you Matt and Steve for helping out so much!


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