Road trip

So I write this from my mobile, at my last day of work.
I’m currently head first aid at bickley outdoor adventure camp and have had my work cut out for me.
It’s been good though. Straight after this I head off to the airport to catch a flight to Melbourne where my next adventure begins.

This morning I took my last shower for what will probably be the next two and a half weeks and you’ll see why.

Just after midnight tonight, I’ll be meeting up with the skate 4 cancer team, headed up by rob dyer and we’ll be doing the next leg of their “across australia” skate.

Our destination is Adelaide and it should take us about 2 weeks to complete.
Weather wise I’m not sure what to expect as I have been spoilt with warm Perth weather since October last year (the only Exception being “the great storm”), but I imagine it’s going bbbbb to be colder and wetter than what I have been accustomed to.

My last holiday was spent surfing spots along this route, so it’s going to be good going back a mere 2 months later.
To keep updated on our adventures you can view the weekly videos posted on you tube (search for skate 4 cancer) or the official skate 4 cancer blog.



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