If this is the last thing I ever write

I hope it helps the cops find our murderers.

We are in the sketchiest neighbourhood so far of the aus and nz trip combined.

In broad daylight rob was nearly mugged and later some crazy lady tried to take the shirt off his back.

We have driven to the next town, some 5 km away called euston, and the next town is about another 90km away.

This town is not much better. There is a real sinister vibe, the buildings are downridden and looked evil in themselves.
As foreigners we’ve attracted some uneasy looks.

We are currently parked on the main street outside the public restrooms. Near the police station. We figured it would be the safest spot. It’s 8;57pm and so far rob, Jamie and myself are still alive. The boys are sleeping out of view in the back, yet I’m sleeping across the front seats in prominent view through the windscreen for anyone to glare/gaze and plot against.

Tonight will be a very uneasy sleep. I’m leaving my contacts in, so I can identity potential intruders. I’m wearing jeans and a hoodie so I am appropriately dressed for a quick get away, and I have a frying pan lying next to my head, to flail and destroy any would be intruders.

Wish us luck. We really need it.
Ps. This is scarier than alien/cow encounters!

This is the ghetto!



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