Traffic Stopper

After 7 weeks of injury and a couple of weeks living in a van, tonight I managed to take B and go for my first run in a very very long time. My fitness has pretty much disappeared, and i’ve lost my all my tone.

I only attempted the 3km, and I think I pulled it off alright. It nearly ended badly though, there was a seedy tradie in his ute, and he decided to try and check me and my dog out, and wasn’t paying attention, and the car in front of him had stopped and was waiting to turn. Said tradie, then glanced up, slammed on brakes, skidding and narrowly missed the car in front.

What a punish. As if I’m attractive when I’m running.
I have training tomorrow. This season is going to be so strange, only 3 of us from last year managed to keep our spots, everyone else got dropped. I knew this year was going to be competitive, but wow. I missed the opening match of the season last weekend, so I have to make a good impression on the new coach.

First World Pressures..

In other news, I’m investigating in getting another dog, so B has company whilst I’m at work. I’m trying to decide on what type of breed to get. Been lurking some shelter websites, and there are so many dogs needing a home.

I wish I could take them all home.


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