Body Update.

For those of you who know my terrible luck, I have sustained yet another injury.

A week ago, I woke up and was unable to turn my neck, especially left.
It turns out I may have pinched a nerve whilst sleeping.
3 chiro appointments and 2 massages later, and I’ve lost a lot of money, a lot of sleep and have to deal with the current problem.

My old spinal cord injury has come back.
According to specialists my neck, upper back, upper mid back and lower back is all under trauma and screwed.
So the only part that is good, is my lower middle back. Yay for me.

I’ve had to change my diet, start on protein shakes for breakfast (never blend oranges into them – yuck!), eliminate toast, and most carbs, and completely avoid store bought bread.

Guess who got taught how to make home made bread in the oven this afternoon.
It was delicious, and the company was fantastic too.

Say a little prayer for me.


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