A Week of Inappropriate Comments

I don’t know what it is, but kids have been saying the wierdest things to me this week.
What am I doing differently? AAH.

At first it was this.

Student: Do you do illegal things?
Me: No I don’t, why would you think that?
Student: I dunno, you just look like you would.

Then it progressed to this.

S: You’re a milf aren’t you?
M: Do I look like I’m anyone’s mother yet?
S: But if you did have a kid, you’d be a milf..
M: Do you realise what that actually stands for, you know the I?
S: Oh No, I didn’t mean me, I meant in general.. Like… Um….oh S^&*

Both year 11 students, male.

I then had a year 9 boy, go..
I love you… not inappropriate love, but in a I love my teacher kinda way.
That’s okay isn’t it?

Finally, a year nine girl yesterday.
ILY miss. That’s ok isn’t it… Cos it’s not a creepy actual love… but it’s ILY…

Oh man…
The things kids say.


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