Dinner Date with a Twist

So I got asked about 3 weeks ago by a male friend who I am very close with, if I would like to go to dinner with him, and meet some people who he really looks up to, namely his mentor and the mentor’s wife.

This dinner finally came around yesterday and it was so not what I expected.
Turns out it wasn’t a quiet dinner with the four of us, it was a sit down function with the whole restaurant booked out, with a set menu and a guest speaker or three.

The dinner was held at a Chinese Seafood Restaurant, and myself being Vegan, there was nothing on the set menu that they brought out that I could eat.
EVERYTHING was a meat dish!

All my girlfriends after were like “How was your date?”
Hmmm… You mean how was it like being a date?

When I had walked in, I had some brief conversation with an elderly man in a jacket with the world map on it.
Thought nothing of it, besides his American accent.

Turns out, he was the guest speaker, and was actually pretty good. I was just tired, and stressing about all the work I had waiting for me at home.

He talked about Operation Mobility, a worldwide organisation.
One of the things that caught my eye was this..

Interesting night, in all aspects.


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