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Winds of Change..

So our regular hockey coach works for one of Australia’s largest alcohol dealers/suppliers and he got sent over to South Africa for the World Cup – all expenses paid.

Meanwhile, we’ve had out bootcamp fitness coach Boxy, taking us as coach, and won a total of 3 out of 4 games with him.
Much better run than with Jooce, but in his defense, we are a better team now, and it’s further into the season.

Jooce has now returned, and Boxy has been promoted to our Official Coach.
He’s great, but makes us run waaaaaaay too much.
We are all a lot fitter though.

We recently had a team bonding session at Rosemount Bowl. We were divided into three teams.
Pink, Blue and Green.

I got green, it brings out the colour in my eyes.
My first game was kinda terrible, Lets just say I’d had a big night and only gotten home after 5 that morning. My first two frames I missed everything but the gutter. Boxy, who was on my team was severely disappointed, as he wanted to… WIN!

I managed a dismal 76 for the whole game. I always make at least 100. Shame on me.
I wasn’t the worst though. Far from it. I think there was a 24 in the Pink team.

Second game was actually close, between Boxy, myseld, Hayley and Georgia, with it all coming to the final frame.
Boxy had 132. I hit an 8, and needed a spare for the extra ball to beat him, I only sunk 1, and getting 128.

Hayley got 125, and G got 122 I think.
Now Boxy, Georgia and I were all team Green. We had a team average along with Kat of 116. Not bad!

We completely owned!

Then to Grill’d for some yummy burger goodness.
Kirsten was still suffering from the hectic night we had had before.

Oh good times.