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Fez’s 21st..

As Fez is a valuable member of the Thursday Night Drinking Crew at Richo, we HAD to attend.
The theme was cartoon characters or super heroes.

So, we packed a car full of Josie and the Pussycats, James Bond and Ace Ventura and off we went.. Drinks on the way.

I won Pass the Parcel, which was a box full of 5 different flavours of Absolut Vodka.
We started the dance party, amazed everyone with our interpretive dance moves and ate most of the snacks.

For Fez the turn out was a bit of a let down, and he was a tad bit bummed, but when the five of us, plus another took him to a 1.5 million dollar boat flowing with alcohol, for a very intimate after party, we knew that he would never forget this birthday for the rest of his life.

Good times, with good people, and no sleep for Samn.
Drunkest awards goes to Oosterhof, Kirst and Fez.