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No Roosters, Just Hens..

We helped fellow team mate Tash, celebrate her last night of singleness last night, in the hired upstairs of Carnegies. The theme was wigs, so we all looked incredibly tacky in our shiny synthetic dos.

Our car all became blondes, and poor Hayls had to hobble, as when she and I had filled in for a lower team yesterday, she had rolled her ankle and it was seriously HUGE!
No drinking for her… or dancing either (except for her occasional chair dance moves).

The $700 was exhausted by 9pm. at 9:30pm they let the general public up, and now there were lots of men.. and some very drunken wig girls around.
I escourted Kat to the bar, where she started talking to some boys whilst I was getitn sodas… I thought it was kinda weird she was being so friendly as she is engaged and getting married soon. Little did I know, she was trying to pick them up for me. ha ha ha.
I was so oblivious. Not keen though. Too soon!

Was a decent night.. Our carload were the sober, respectable girls of the evening, but we still ripped up the floor and had a good time.
It’s our club day today, and we gotta be there at 11:30am to set up at Perth Hockey Stadium. Our match is at 6pm. It’s gonna be a long day, and hopefully most of our team still won’t be drunk for the Hen’s night, by the time we have to play.

Ps. Our goalie is DEAD. She woke me before 8:30am this morning…
Revenge will be sweet,